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  • QZTK-92CT Fully Automatic Paper Cutting MachineEquipped with an industrial LED display, the QZTK-92CT fully automatic paper cutting machine will provide images of high brightness and saturation. Without strobe light, ultra-violet, infrared, or radioactive contamination, the LED display causes no harm to human eyes.
  • QZTK-130CT Fully Automatic Paper Cutting MachineThis program controlled paper cutter is equipped with an industrial TFT display, i.e. thin film transistor display, which features high contrast ratio, plentiful color gradation, and brilliant colors.
  • QZTK-137CT Fully Automatic Paper Cutting MachineCompared with QZTK-130CT, the QZTK-137CT fully automatic paper cutting machine has higher working capacity, with the cutting width of 1370mm, maximum cutting height of 165mm and length of 1450mm.

Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

The fully automatic paper cutting machine is a very practical one among all types of paper cutting equipment. Compared with traditional manual paper cutter, the automatic paper cutter is characterized by easy operation, high cutting precision, and fast cutting speed. In comparison with high-end cutting machines, like digital cutter, the programmable paper cutter is also popular with customers for the strengths of high security, high precision, rapid speed and reasonable price. Therefore, it is comprehensively applied in the binding and cutting of finished prints and becomes crucial equipment for the printing industry.

As a trusted postpress machinery manufacturer in China, our company has launched a series of fully automatic paper cutting machines of high cost-performance, including QZTK-92CT, QZTK-130CT and QZTK-130CT. The strict security system will guarantee the personal security of the technicians during operation and avoid accidents efficiently. Also, the advanced paper-feeding control system, hydraulic control system and electrical control system ensure precise cutting and good quality of operation.

1. Computer System
a. The 7-inch display panel is from Taiwan, with various colors at your disposal.
b. The storage can reach 60 groups, with every group of 108 cuts. Consequently, the storage time can reach 300,000 hours.
c. The operating interface supports multiple languages, such as Chinese, English, Spanish, etc.
d. A luminous shortcut key ensures high stability of the fully automatic paper cutting machine.

2. Electrical Control System
a. Our fully automatic paper cutting machine is equipped with electric components from ABB, Schneider, and Omron.
b. The transducer is introduced from Emerson.
c. Air pump is from Taiwan Houbang.

3. Paper Feed Control System
a. Ball screw from ABBA
b. Linear guide from ABBA

4. Hydraulic Control System
ISO approved hydraulic units

5. Safety Protection System
a. Extensible and precise infrared protective device from Shanghai ZONHO Electronics is up to CE standard.
b. The blade-replacement device ensures safety and convenience.
c. The chrome plated air cushion platform and photoelectric protective device are provided.
d. The underlay cutter frame and the closed paper pusher frame are also installed.
e. The worm gear reduced is adopted as the driving cutting part.

6. Accessories
a. Tool box
b. Manual book
c. Operational CD
d. Warranty leaflet

As a professional fully automatic paper cutting machine manufacturer based in China, we also provide computerized paper cutting machine, leather die cutting machine, corrugated board die cutting machine, and hot foil stamping and die cutting machine, among others.

Other Products
  • SQZ-115CTN Double Hydraulic Paper Cutting MachineEquipped with a PLC, the SQZ-115CTN double hydraulic paper cutting machine enjoys high cutting speed which is up to 45 times per minute. It comes with a large operating platform and a 12-inch SHARP TFT display.
  • SQZ-130CTN Double Hydraulic Paper Cutting MachineThis print finishing equipment features pretty appearance, novel structure, reliable performance, simple and safe operation, as well as high cutting efficiency. The cutting width is 1300mm, and the maximum cutting height can reach 130mm, with the maximum cutting length of 1300mm.