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SQZ-130CTN Double Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine

Double Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine

Technical Parameters of Double Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine

Cutting width (mm)1300
Max. cutting height (mm)130
Max. cutting length (mm)1300
Main Power (kW)4
Net weight (kg)3700
Machine width (mm)With side working table2800
Without side working table2450
Total length (mm)2580
Machine height (mm)1560
Length of front working table (mm)735
Height of working table (mm)900
Pressure (daN/BS)Min.: 150
Max.: 4500
Min. cutting depth (mm)Without auxiliary panel25
With auxiliary panel90
Cutting speed (t/m)45
Voltage (V)380V, 3PHASE / 220V, 3 PHASE / 415V, 3PHASE
Package size (mm)2650 × 1520 × 1850

The SQZ-130CTN double hydraulic paper cutting machine consists of the paper pressing mechanism, paper cutting mechanism, air cushion, optoelectronic protection device, and chrome plated platform. Both the paper pressing mechanism and the paper cutting mechanism are driven hydraulically. This is where the “double hydraulic” comes from.

This print finishing equipment features pretty appearance, novel structure, reliable performance, simple and safe operation, as well as high cutting efficiency. The cutting width is 1300mm, and the maximum cutting height can reach 130mm, with the maximum cutting length of 1300mm.

The servo motor from Mitsubishi is adopted in the paper-feeding section of this programmable paper cutting machine, and it has the characteristics of low noise, high speed and quick response. Also, stepless speed regulation can be realized. To be specific, the speed is freely adjustable between 6m/min and 18m/min.

As a specialized double hydraulic paper cutting machine manufacturer and supplier based in China, Shenda Machine also provides hydraulic computerized paper cutting machine, die cut machine, and corrugated board die cutting machine, among others.

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