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Paper Cutting Machine

For cutting various paper, leathers and plastic materials, paper cutting machines are broadly applied in papermaking and packaging industry. As a specialized print finishing equipment manufacturer in China, our company has developed diversified paper cutters to meet the needs of customers in the market.

According to properties, our paper cutting equipment can mainly be classified into three types including fully automatic type, hydraulic computerized type, and digital type. To be more specific, there are three models of fully automatic paper cutting machine, eleven models of hydraulic computerized paper cutting machine and two models of digital paper cutting machine.

The paper pushers of fully automatic paper cutters are all under programmable control and feature precise positioning and low noise. As for the hydraulic computerized paper cutter, the advanced paper-pressing is hydraulically driven with the advantages of high transmission efficiency and low energy consumption, thus fitting for cutting materials of high density. The digital paper cutter is first approximately automatic-positioned through control system, and then precise positioning is realized by fine adjustment manually. Customers can make their choices according to the specific postpress needs.

As a professional paper cutting machine manufacturer and supplier based in China, we offer hydraulic computerized paper cutting machine, digital paper cutting machine, hot foil stamping and die cutting machine, plastic sheet die cutting machine, and much more.

Other Products
  • Paper Die Cutting MachineThe ML-1100E paper die cutting machine is specially designed for creasing and cutting cardboard, corrugated board and other materials with great creasing and cutting demands. It is widely used in the printing, packaging decoration, and plastics industry.
  • Cardboard Die Cutting MachineThe ML-750 cardboard die cutting machine is specifically developed for cutting various cardboards. Characterized by simple operation, less labor intensity and high cost-performance, this die cutter is the ideal manufacturing equipment for the packaging industry.