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ML-1500 Die Cut Machine

Die Cut Machine

Technical Parameters of Die Cut Machine

Max. rule length (m)<35<38<40
Inner chase size (mm)1300×9201400×10001500×1050
Speed (strokes/min)18±218±215±2
Overall dimensions (mm)1900×2310×21002050×2450×22002510×1960×1920
Overall weight (kg)580068007300
Motor power (kW)

To meet the market needs, a series of excellent die cut machines, including ML-1300, ML-1400 and ML-1500, has been developed. They can realize maximum rule length of less than 35m, 38m and 40m, and the inner chase size of 1300×920mm, 1400×1000mm and 1500×1050mm respectively. Customers can make their own choices according to their particular needs.

The machine body is made of excellent materials and cast from one block. Therefore, this die cutting and creasing machine features high strength and abrasion resistance, with relatively long lifetime. Also, the casing of the die cut machine has undergone advanced anti-corrosion processing, which effectively prevents the corrosion of water, acid and alkali. Consequently, our die cutting equipment not only has pretty appearance but also remains as new for a long time.

Our company is a professional die cut machine manufacturer in China. We also offer hot foil stamping and die cutting machine, cardboard die cutting machine, double hydraulic paper cutting machine, digital paper cutting machine, and much more.

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