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  • Paper Die Cutting MachineThe ML-1100E paper die cutting machine is specially designed for creasing and cutting cardboard, corrugated board and other materials with great creasing and cutting demands. It is widely used in the printing, packaging decoration, and plastics industry.
  • Cardboard Die Cutting MachineThe ML-750 cardboard die cutting machine is specifically developed for cutting various cardboards. Characterized by simple operation, less labor intensity and high cost-performance, this die cutter is the ideal manufacturing equipment for the packaging industry.
  • Corrugated Board Die Cutting MachineThe ML-930 corrugated board die cutting machine, suitable for creasing and cutting all kinds of corrugated boards, is the crucial manufacturing equipment for packaging industry.
  • Plastic Sheet Die Cutting MachineThe ML-930D plastic sheet die cutting machine is specialized for particular demands of packaging industry. It is used for creasing and cutting various plastic sheets of high strength, with the maximum rule length less than 30m.
  • Leather Die Cutting MachineThe ML-930E leather die cutting machine is aimed at cutting leather-like soft materials. With the relatively light weight of 3800kg, it is easy to transport and install. Thanks to the standard touch keyboard, it is simple to set various technical parameters of this die cutting equipment.
  • ML-1200 Die Cut MachineOur company has developed a series of die cut machines. The three models, ML-1100, ML-1100D and ML-1200, of die cutter described here offer maximum rule length of less than 30m, 35m and 32m respectively.
  • ML-1500 Die Cut MachineThe machine body is made of excellent materials and cast from one block. Therefore, this die cutting and creasing machine features high strength and abrasion resistance, with relatively long lifetime.
  • ML-2000 Die Cut MachineUsed for creasing and cutting various cardboards, corrugated boards, plastic and leather products, the die cut machine enjoys wide application in the printing, plastic, and packaging industry.

Die Cutting Machine

The die cutting machine is specialized for creasing and cutting various common cardboards, corrugated boards, plastic sheets and leather products. It features compact structure, proficient workmanship, high precision, and safe, reliable operation.

Our creasing and cutting machine is produced in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. Its body is made of high strength quality materials. The bevel gear structure of four or three shafts ensures stable performance, great pressure and lower noise.

Equipped with integrated lubricating system, the die cutting machine supports single cutting, consecutive cutting, and open delay. The single electromagnetic clutch provides flexibility during operation. The sound height and layout is designed with big angle according to CE standard, and the electrical components adopted by our die cutter are from ABB, Omron and Schneider.

As a China-based die cutting machine manufacturer and supplier, Shenda Machine offers a broad range of products, including die cut machine, fully automatic paper cutting machine, hot foil stamping and die cutting machine and more.

Other Products
  • TYMK-750 Hot Foil Stamping and Die Cutting MachineThe TYMK-750 hot foil stamping and die cutting machine, as a dual-use postpress machine, finds its application in hot stamping and die cutting all kinds of cardboards as well as leather and plastic products.