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  • TYMK-750 Hot Foil Stamping and Die Cutting MachineThe TYMK-750 hot foil stamping and die cutting machine, as a dual-use postpress machine, finds its application in hot stamping and die cutting all kinds of cardboards as well as leather and plastic products.
  • TYMK-1100 Hot Foil Stamping and Die Cutting MachineThe working pressure of 220t can stick the foil text firmly on the printing material, without partial stamping, vague image or color fading. The maximum stamping area of 1100×800mm can be realized with 25 times of maximum skip.

Hot Foil Stamping and Die Cutting Machine

The hot foil stamping and die cutting machine is the latest product of our company, with its high precision and efficiency. Suitable for stamping and cutting various multi-chromatic electrochemical aluminum materials, this postpress machine is broadly applied for trademark, sampling advertisement, carton, book cover, post card, etc. Thus, it is the ideal equipment for printing, packaging decoration, and plastic industry.

1. Produced in strict accordance with ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, our hot foil stamping and die cutting machine performs very well with high reliability. It has obtained CE marking.

2. The machine body is cast in one block by using top-ranking materials with high strength.

3. Thanks to the stable computerized control system, the operation position is set appropriately with machine tools opened to its optimum.

4. The single plate electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable.

5. Accurate skipping helps save foils and reduce costs.

6. This print finishing equipment supports continuous creasing and cutting, dwell start-up operation, and dwell stop operation with a wide range of adjustment.

7. The central lubrication system guarantees fine lubrication and reduces friction.

8. To ensure reliability and stability, the electrical components is mainly brought in from Switzerland ABB, France Schneider, and Japan Omron.

As an experienced hot foil stamping and die cutting machine manufacturer and supplier based in China, Shenda Machine provides a wide range of products that includes double hydraulic paper cutting machine, fully automatic paper cutting machine, die cut machine, and more.

Other Products
  • QZTK-92CT Fully Automatic Paper Cutting MachineEquipped with an industrial LED display, the QZTK-92CT fully automatic paper cutting machine will provide images of high brightness and saturation. Without strobe light, ultra-violet, infrared, or radioactive contamination, the LED display causes no harm to human eyes.
  • QZTK-130CT Fully Automatic Paper Cutting MachineThis program controlled paper cutter is equipped with an industrial TFT display, i.e. thin film transistor display, which features high contrast ratio, plentiful color gradation, and brilliant colors.